The Perfect Training Partner

Perhaps there should be a website for finding the ideal martial arts training partner.  One might call it “Catch”…that sounds like a romantic branding to be sure, but alas it’s a nod to Catch Wrestling!  In all seriousness, finding a good training partner is one of the best things that you can do for your… Continue reading The Perfect Training Partner

Macroscopic MMA Concepts: The Box

Forest Not Trees. There is a wealth of instructional information available these days on the web for the rigorous student and the casual peruser alike.  It is easy to lose the forest for the trees when viewing a video with the niche specificity that you can indulge in from practitioners trying to make a name,… Continue reading Macroscopic MMA Concepts: The Box

What To Do With Your Son In This Era Of “Toxic Masculinity”?

Remember “Slug Bug?” If not, it was a game that I used to play when I was just a young lad.  Before Volkswagen had committed the cardinal sin of cheating at the expense of the environment by failing its breathalyzer test and then fibbing about it, Volkswagen made a “wagon for the people.”  They were ubiquitous…if… Continue reading What To Do With Your Son In This Era Of “Toxic Masculinity”?