Elliot Wave Theory & The Virtue of Failure

“I look down on mountains from a cresting wave. I look up again from under, the water recedes at odds, the trend an even number.” There is a certain self-corrective measure that guides the honest MMA practitioner. Perhaps appealing to investor psychology is too academic, but I do think that Elliot Wave Theory is an… Continue reading Elliot Wave Theory & The Virtue of Failure

Ludusport Regalia, Symbology & The Like: The Banner

The Roman Ludus is a precursor to the modern, mixed martial arts combat training academy.  Those of you who have found this blog will likely be familiar with the gladiator games of the Ancient Roman Coliseum, the brutality of blade and political wrangling, the bread and circuses of yesteryear.  For slaves there was the lure… Continue reading Ludusport Regalia, Symbology & The Like: The Banner

The Modern “Pentathelite”

It was near the beginning of recorded, Western history that combat sports were institutionalized in the Olympiad.  This ancient Greek celebration of fraternal competition and athletic prowess is a symbol of contemporary athletic achievement, and though the games have evolved with the times, their mission of excellence in sport and the exaltation of  competition as… Continue reading The Modern “Pentathelite”