Ludusport Regalia, Symbology & The Like: The Owl

Every team needs a mascot, and every mascot needs a compelling silhouette.

Much of Ludusport’s graphic, philosophic and martial roots are Hellenistic in origin even while Ludus is a word of latin etymology that was used at the height of the influence of the Roman empire. The rich mythology of the Greeks and their pantheon of Gods and Goddesses is a timeless source of morality and life lesson.  The stories bear out the struggle between good and evil, while blurring the line between man, monster and God.  Athena is one of the more prominent Goddesses in the pantheon of Greek deities.  I suppose you can think of her as the patron Goddess of Ludusport in so far as she is known as the Goddess of wisdom and war.  The owl often accompanies Athena and at times acts as her avatar.  The wise old owl is a ubiquitous archetype even in the contemporary western world.  The owl signifies alertness and vigilance at night, and owls can literally rotate their heads 180 degrees to see behind them.  Gives new meaning to the phrase “watch your back.”  

If one looks closely at the wings of the owl graphic, in particular each individual feather in the wing, he will notice that the wings are in fact overlapping pen quills.   Again this visually reinforces the theme of wisdom by the studious mixed martial artist.  Note taking has been a staple of my martial arts learning process.  The organic figure of the wooden beam in cross reference is a nod to the forest and the tree refined to dimensioned lumber.  Organic and refined.  The “X” is also used to refer to a “strike”.  Striking is something that we practice a great deal.  And of course X marks the spot.

Every team needs a mascot, and every mascot needs a compelling silhouette.  The power of an irreducible, original, one color print is in my considered graphic opinion the holy grail of brand identity.  Corporations spend millions on simple solitary, unadorned images that convey in a glimpse the corporate mission and brand.  I can’t say that this rivals the Apple computer logo, but there is something compelling about its silhouette, and I didn’t pay much; just a sheet of paper and a piece of graphite, some power. 

Originally the owl motif was sourced for Ludus FC, which preceded Ludusport Academy and Gymnasium.  Ludus FC is the official title of the competition team created by Drew Brokenshire and me as we left our previous moorings.   As Drew began to compete under the new heading, a number of the promotions with which we dealt began to infer, speculate and even parrot that FC stands for “fight club”.  It was often the loquacious ring announcer that would fill in the blank.  I never explicitly branded the team that way, but it is a reasonable inference, if not woefully uninspired and one dimensional.  Hence the Ludusport team website name and url,  Here the curious observer will find a myriad of word play titling that involves “FC”.  “Fallen Clown”, “Fire Catcher”, “First Class”, and on and on…  Thus FC stands for all manner of existing expression and indulgence. As of now there is no official FC meaning of which to speak.  To be sure, one of Drew’s early shirt designs is based on a European football club style jersey, i.e. fc stands for football club.  It’s as good as any I’ve ever heard. Have you ever been kicked in the shin by a soccer player?!  

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